Terms and Conditions for Students and Trainers

Student Terms and Conditions:

  1. Treat everyone with respect and maintain a positive learning atmosphere.
  2. Enrolled students cannot create or manage another private group with fellow course participants.
  3. Sharing course resources outside provided platforms is strictly prohibited.
  4. Once enrolled and attending classes, refund requests will not be accepted.
  5. Students must not approach trainers for personal course invitations during Nojoom IT’s program.
  6. Starting personal courses with trainers from ongoing Nojoom IT programs is not allowed.
  7. Violations may lead to suspension as per Qatar government laws.

Trainer Terms and Conditions:

  1. Trainers cannot hold personal sessions with active batch students, whether in person or online.
  2. Trainers should support students via the designated WhatsApp group for course-related concerns.
  3. Promoting external platforms within Nojoom IT’s classroom or WhatsApp group is not allowed.
  4. Rule breaches may lead to suspension as per Qatar law.

Please adhere to these terms to create a productive and respectful learning environment. For queries, contact us at info@nojoomit.com.

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